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Glass Glass Bowl
Glass fruit tray
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  • Product Name:Glass fruit tray
  • Specifications Capacity:1000ml
  • Order Phone:13852438060 / +86-0516-85060619
  • Company Name:Xuzhou Yuhua Glass Products Co., Ltd.
  • Details:

    Founded in 1990, it was renamed Xuzhou Honghua Glass Technology Co., Ltd. and successfully registered on October 24, 2013, with a registered capital of more than 5 million.

    Our company is a glass factory with great strength. We produce all kinds of glass bottles for many years. We are mainly committed to the middle and high-grade bottle market. Our products are outstanding in appearance, transparent in body, excellent in hardness and perfect in sealing performance. Our factory has 6 production lines of full-automatic row and column machines, 20 manual packaging lines, 800000 glass bottles per day, more than tens of thousands of tons of products per day, and many machine production lines rotate day and night, all of which adopt high-tech automatic production lines and row and column machines, install the most stable and fast transportation belt, maintain accurate high-speed and safe operation all day, and ensure the perfect, exquisite and perfect bottle shape It solves the problem of slow manual bottle feeding speed and many crooked bottles, and has a variety of material colors for you to choose, such as crystal white material, high white material and common white material.

    Our products are very safe and have passed the certification of multiple international systems, so that you can use them without worry. We have passed the following certifications: FDA certification, SGS certification and IS09001:2000 quality management system certification, etc.; we have also won the annual zero complaint enterprise, the annual tax payment advanced unit, model enterprise, AA level contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise, and also joined the Enterprise Credit Management Association unit with honor. The majority of enterprises and companies supervise each other's progress, and the quality management in both Chinese and English versions System certification certificate. The produced bottles and cans fully meet the national standards, and can be extended inspection according to ASTM C148-00 test method for internal stress of glass bottles and cans, and all kinds of certificates of the company are complete.

    The address is located in the Industrial Development Zone of Mapo Town, Xuzhou City, with convenient transportation, roads, railways and waterways. The company has many cooperative enterprises, such as tinplate cover factory, plastic bottle cover factory, glass bottle mold factory, glass packaging carton factory, baking flower factory, Mongolian sanding factory, cutting factory and other glass deep processing production lines.

    Our company has ten kinds of thousands of glass bottles, which are wine bottle, red wine bottle, grape wine bottle, white wine bottle, ice wine bottle, health wine bottle, beverage bottle, juice bottle, fruit wine bottle, coffee bottle, can head bottle, pickle bottle, jam bottle, beef jam bottle, chili jam bottle, Douban jam bottle, milk bottle, yoghurt bottle, seasoning bottle, fermented bean curd milk bottle, oil bottle, vinegar bottle, honey bottle and other food packages Bottling, as well as storage tank, water glass and wine glass, cup mouth cup, wishing bottle, medicine bottle, infusion bottle, reagent bottle, cosmetics bottle, strain bottle, candle table, vase, etc. Can carve the trademark patent free of charge in the bottle body, the word number is not limited.

    The company has more than 500 employees, three shifts, day and night, including 28 senior technicians and 15 quality inspectors, which meet the national factory standards. Our company attaches great importance to the quality of our products. We have more specially assigned personnel to strictly check and control the quality of our products. Our high-quality products win the favor of customers at home and abroad. Every month, some of our products are exported to Japan, the United States, Russia, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Australia and other countries.

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