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Company Profile

Xuzhou Yuhua Glass Technology Co., Ltd. Production range: roasted glass bottles, sprayed glass bottles, frosted glass bottles, bronzing glass bottles, glass bottles, sauce glass bottles, health wine glass bottles, sesame oil glass bottles, soy sauce glass bottles, Chili sauce glass bottle, pickles glass bottle, honey glass bottle, juice glass bottle, medicinal wine glass bottle, sesame oil glass bottle, ice cracked bottle, glass vase, tissue culture glass bottle, fresh milk glass bottle, milk tea glass bottle, cold tea bottle , glass bottles, ice wine bottles, mineral water glass bottles, soda water glass bottles, sake bottles, vodka bottles, wine glass bottles, glass soda bottles, glass candle holders, glass storage tanks, export glass bottles, high-end glass bottles, Glass perfume bottles, export high-end glass bottles and various glass cups, glass beer mugs, glass bowls, glass plates, etc., and can be used for deep processing of the products, such as baking, spraying, bronzing, frosting, screen printing, etc. . Xuzhou Yuhua Glass Technology Co., Ltd. has more than 500 employees, including 45 senior technicians and 25 quality inspectors. The quality of products is strictly controlled and controlled at all levels. The products have won the favor of domestic and foreign customers. We can The glass bottle drawings or glass bottle samples provided by the customer are developed and produced. The proportion of glass bottles can be expanded or reduced according to customer needs, new bottle types can be designed, and new glass bottle molds can be developed. Xuzhou Yuhua Glass Technology Co., Ltd. has the right to export products. The products are sold to the United States, Russia, Brazil, Canada, South Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, Ukraine, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Denmark, Belgium, Mexico, Bangladesh. Countries, the Netherlands, Libya, Spain, Pakistan, Poland, Kazakhstan, Belgium, Austria, Iran, Bulgaria, New Zealand, Uganda, Rwanda, Mauritius, Turkey, Kenya, Turkmenistan, Romania, Panama, Italy, Sudan, Mexico, etc. More than 50 countries and regions in the region. At the same time supporting the production of various sizes of tinplate cover and plastic cover, and processing and printing trademark patent cover, supporting all kinds of aluminum cover, wine bottle cover and other glass bottles of tinplate cover models: 38mm tinplate iron cover, 43mm tinplate iron cover, 48mm tinplate iron cover, , 53mm tinplate cover, 58mm tinplate cover, 63mm tinplate cover, 66mm tinplate cover, 70mm tinplate cover, 80mm tinplate cover, 82mm tinplate cover, 110mm tinplate cover and plastic cover are available: Polyethylene, Polypropylene, ABS, etc. Xuzhou Yuhua Glass Technology Co., Ltd., as a company in Xuzhou Glass Bottle Industrial Zone, the company's logistics method, can handle consignment, motor transport, train skin, container, shipping, air transportation, etc.